We give a second life to stylish furniture.

Restoration of antique furniture • Gems of Scandinavian design

We bring back the greatness to design classics.

Renovation work is a fundamental part of our business. Based on it and our acquired experience, we sometimes acquire furniture which we propose to our clients after renovation. We primarily offer furniture that has already been renovated as well as those that are awaiting it – preferably for the owner who will agree with us on their final appearance. Of course, in accordance with the principles of our workshop. Sometimes we also renovate other objects which appear in the offer on the same terms – renovated or waiting.

We look for gems from renowned designers.

We find unique furniture that meets the wishes of our clients on the Polish market as well as in Scandinavia.

With our experience, we guarantee the originality and attractive pricing of our products at the time of purchase. We cooperate with a transport company specializing in the transport of vintage and antique items, giving a guarantee of their proper handling.

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